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20 class hours that combines extensive language program with exam prep specifically designed for the OET.

 Our prep course is mainly  provides techniques and test-taking strategies training to help you maximize your score. 

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Pryns Approach

If you’re looking for more interactive preparation resources, you might want to consider our prep class

Practice, practice, practice!
Make the most of those spare minutes to practice your skills:

Doctor Teaching on Seminar

Course Materials

Get the OET Practice book upon enrolment.

The prep course includes 3 sets of full  practice tests- all tailored to medical scenarios.

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Note from our Premium Trainer

We have carefully designed the prep course structure for students to attain their target score within the minimum of class hours 

At Pryns, we provide  comprehensive guide to preparing for the OET, with additional tips and strategies for success on exam day.

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FREE Resources for OET

Upcoming Class Schedule 

  • OET May 2024 Online Class

  • OET June/July 2024 Online Class 

  • PTE  Group  Online Class

  • OET Workshop

  • OET  Strategy Session 

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