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English Language

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Learn English Language Form 1 - Form 5 or IGCSE Syllabus  

Join a small focused group English tutorial class; 4pax in a group or a private tutorial exclusively designed according to your availability and busy student routine. 

Classes are available online & f2f

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Why learn  @ Pryns

At Pryns we focus on small groups and practice interactive learning to encourage students to participate actively. 

Students may request to meet the tutor before confirming the class with an appointment. 

Online Counselling-

Course Materials

Get the exclusive Practice book according to your syllabus

We conduct English classes for both Local and International Syllabus. Focusing on  PT3 - Form 5 / IGCSE /UEC. 

English Cambridge Book

Note from our Premium Tutor

We have carefully designed the classes for students to improve steadily throughout the classes with years of experience.

Your group class may not have more than 3 students. Take advantage of the setting by getting involved in the class discussions or addressing your concern to the tutor. 

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Open for Enrolment  

  • IGCSE / UEC 

  • Standard 6/PT3/SPM

  • 2023/2024

Online classes
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