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Min of 24 class hours with a Diagnostic Test as starter before the class. 

Our GMAT course offers techniques and test-taking strategies training to help you maximize your performance.


Pryns Approach

Students will have to be comfortable using the techniques learned on questions as opposed to merely understanding the concepts. 

While there isn't any short route for students to achieve a perfect score, practicing with an excellent prep timeline is the best way to improve their scores.

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Course Materials

Get the latest GMAT Official Guide worth of RM238.8 & Practice book worth RM144.90

Learn how to approach each and every question in every section and how to create a perfect pacing plan. 

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Note from our Premium Trainer

GMAT requires intense concentration for an extended period; Self-time all your homework & practices  to develop your ability to work with stamina throughout the actual test. 

Your GMAT class will have no more than 6 students. Take advantage of the intimate setting by asking questions, getting involved in the class discussions, and letting your instructor know your particular needs.

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FREE Resources for GMAT

  • Nationwide GMAT Prep Scholarship

Upcoming Class Schedule 

  • GMAT May/June 2024 Online Group

  • GMAT Aug/Sept 2024 Group

  • GMAT Oct -  2024 Group

Upcoming GMAT Test Dates

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Only Live Online Classes are available 

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